One of the bestselling DagMar Shapes – Mona

DagMar Shapes Monae

The lady in the picture is called Mona – lovely and uncommon name, harmonizing with her delicate type of beauty. I created her especially for the skin Moon by Redgrave, which explains the similar phonetics of her name.

I got very lucky with the lips choice – they seem like Vanessa Paradis’s ones.

Vanessa Paradis lips

On second look, not only the lips but also the cheekbones and the form of the eyes are similar between them both.

The hair used for Mona’s shot is one of my all time favourites, I admire its elegance and lots of my ad boards are presenting it – it’s called Pompadour hair by Shop Seu. The eyes are other favourites of mine, called Soulful bright from IC-Skins (I have them as a part of IC-Skins hunt and simply can’t get tired of using them). The corset is a part of the dress set Audrey by ALB Dream Fashion.


If you want to pamper yourself with this stunning shape, welcome to my SL shop or purchase her through the SL marketplace (you need to enable adult content to be able to see the listing). Either way, don’t forget to try the demo version first!


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