Cool and Uncool Wednesday

COOL: 2 days ago I was doing something in my shop. And out of the blue I received this cute message saying something along the lines of: “Hey, nice to meet you! I am your next door neighbour! I am standing on the top of my tall building and I want to say sorry if it breaks your view.”

It’s something so pleasant to meet people in Second Life who actually:

  • care about other people
  • apologize
  • introduce themselves politely
  • introduce themselves without waiting to be talked to first
  • express unexpected kindness

Furthermore, in this subtle, ingenious and unostentatious manner he actually made me look at his building and appreciate his building skills!

UNCOOL: Often there are people who subscribe to my group’s Subscribe-o-matic, and just in a few minutes/seconds they unsubscribe. I imagine how they browsed the history in a rush to find any items for free but there were none!

It’s sad when people perceive freebies and giveaways as a merchant’s obligation. When they take them for granted and don’t see them as gifts anymore.

I need people to subscribe to my group if and because they are actually interested in my work and products, not because they are avid freebie hunters. And that’s the reason I don’t usually include free items into the subscribe-o-matic system.


What Do You Think?

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