Flickr Fabulousness – Vaudeville and Glamour

Today the artist I present in my quest for flickr fabulousness is


I don’t know her real name or even her avatar’s name (edit: is it Nana Hazelnut?), but I am astounded at her talent. She creates stylish fashion art with magical colour combinations and glamourously detailed compositions. Her art is full of life and movement. Retro flair and refined modern sense complete each other in perfect harmony.

I simply adore the vaudeville and circus inspired theme of some pictures.

Nana.H art

In the center: 1. Tres Blah and oyakin DU3

From left to right: 2. LaGyo Designers United 3, 3. MAGIC NOOK DU3, 4. MAGIC NOOK DU3, 5. New skin from &Bean and Veschi at DU3, 6. mijn.t at DU3, 7. mijn.t at DU3, 8. Scribble and 50 flats at DU3, 9. Scribble and 50 flats at DU3, 10. Look #70, 11. Look #60, 12. Look #76, 13. Djinn & Tonic – [To be considered ugly]

In case you are hungry for more, take a look at her photostream:

Or at her blog:

Update march 2011: Unfortunatelly, Nana.H is no longer active on flickr and her blog is deleted :(. Too bad for all of us, who sincerely admired her art! I hope everything’s ok with her personally though.


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