Important update for DagMar Shapes clients (and clients-to-be)

As you should know, I create only shapes, not skins, eyes, hair or whatever else. Yet for showcasing the shapes I use other vendor’s skins, hair, eyes etc. There are people who ask me occasionally: “What skin is Belle wearing?”, “Which is the hairstyle of Angie?” and the like.

Until now I used to include stylecards containing this information in the folder of the already purchased shape. The downside of this practice is that one couldn’t see the creators’ names before purchasing a shape.

I thought it was not fair to the creators of body parts and clothing I use for the screenshots, and also it prevented the clients-to-be from making a choice to buy or not to buy. So I decided to empower them with preliminary information and to provide more options for giving credits.

  • From now on, I shall include the stylecards with the purchase of demos. (The cost of a demo is 1L$ though, and there’s a reason for that – you can ask me in case you wonder).
  • If you don’t want to purchase a demo, you could see the creators credited in my flickr portfolio set. Because the pictures have restricted safety level, you should have turned the safe search off.
  • The listings of my shapes on the online marketplace will also contain the credits to the vendors whose creations I use. To see them, you have to enable mature content.

Have in mind though that the information on flickr and Xstreet won’t include landmarks, for the sake of brevity. Only the stylecards in my shop contain landmarks. But you can easily find the credited creators’ stores through Search in SL.

And because the previous sign wasn’t visible or explicit enough to some people, I made a new one that is just impossible to miss (it is directly facing the entrance):

Skins not included BLUE sign


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