Tasha – a new comic books inspired superheroine shape

I would like to announce the release of a gorgeous new shape I gave the name Tasha. The shape was designed using Tasha skin by LAQ (previously Laqroki), and was named after it.

Lately I try to create shapes who have certain features and backgrounds, are alive and breathing and not simply bodies without “character”. Tasha is inspired by the power women in comic books, especially the Black Cat superheroine. The main source I used for reference was this image by xplixit I found on deviantart:

Black Cat by xplixit

I even tried to find exactly the body suit that the Black Cat wears for the screenshots, and after some research I chose this one from Graves:

Tasha shape bodysuit

Tasha has a strong, athletic, yet feminine and voluptuous body build, with curvy thighs and sassy booty. But, for the clients who prefer skinnier body build, as always there are leaner bodies in the shape pack I offer for purchase (as some of you should know, I sell all my shapes in packs of 8 to 13 different bodies).

My choice of hairstyle though is far from the comics image, I decided to use a 60s style big hair (complicated to stylize and keep stylized) to illustrate a certain idea. I tried to imply the character’s double lifestyle; she may be the perfect housewife by day, the stunning party host lady in the evenings, and a glorious invincible superheroine by night.

Tasha shape close-up

The hair is Doris by DBS.

Tasha shape red hair

The eyes are the same I used for Marie, and are included with the purchase of Tasha.

Tasha shape close-up 2

If you want to have her, you may find her in my SL shop and on the online marketplace (you have to enable adult content to be able to see the listing).

All credits for the items I have used to showcase the shape you may also see on flickr.


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