Behind the scenes: How did I start creating shapes in SL?

The first 1000 L$ I earned in SL I used to buy a shape. The vendor didn’t provide demos. During the 2 months of camping (yes, we’ve all been there at some point of time) I was dreaming and impatiently anticipating the very moment when I would finally look like the girl in the ad board.

And at last I did it – I bought the shape! Alas, I can’t really stress how disappointed and frustrated I was to find out that I seemed horribly in my freebie skin, even though wearing this high quality shape. I was even more disappointed to read in the attached notecard that if I wanted to look like the model in the picture, I needed to spend another 1200 L$ on the skin, not to mention the hair, eyes and clothes!

I didn’t have a choice but to start tweaking the already bought shape. It took time and effort, but at last I made it look perfect with my freebie skin! I even got compliments on my look!

Then I said to myself: “Ok, if I have the talent, why not try to make shapes myself?”

And that it was. Of course, I learned my lesson – and I offer demos of the shapes!


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