The Perfect Shape for Aline Skin by LAQ

Today I released a new shape. I had the ambition to create the ultimate shape for the skin Aline by LAQ and I am proud and happy to say I made it!

Aline shape closeup

So this is Aline shape.

Aline shape rainbow makeup

  • Isn’t this rainbow make-up especially lovely?

Aline shape pink hairband

  • She has an intelligent type of beauty (think Uma Thurman), probably she is a scientist or undercover agent who enjoys rock music, old bookstores & provocative clothing.
  • Her body has a tender build and impressively thin waist.
  • Her face is highly realistic, with expressive cheekbones and hard to resist kissing lips.
  • She is a sensual and mysterious lady whose remarkable presence turns heads everywhere she goes…

Aline shape smokey eyes

  • She may be stylish, she might be classy, yet she chose to rebel and wear leather and smokey eye make-up.

Aline shape makeups

The skin is LAQ ~ Aline [Peach] Glow skin (10-pack) and you can buy it from LAQ’s Body Shop. Yes, it comes in a pack of 10 make-up options.



  • Up-do Long Hair: >TRUTH< Miranda – dark browns shown in Streaked – mocha, streaks set to lightbrown.
  • Hairband Hair: >TRUTH< Giada – browns shown in mahogany, hairband texture set to rose.

Teleport to Truth’s Hair Store.


  • Jacket: [*Redgrave*] Cut-out Jacket -Midnite-
  • Scarf: [*Redgrave*] Naughty Scarf -Golden-
  • Leggings: [*Redgrave*] Legging No.1 -Cappucino-
  • Skirt: [*Redgrave*] Mini-Skirt Leather -Black-
  • Belt: [*Redgrave*] Circle-Belt -Gold-
  • Boots: [*Redgrave*] Girls’ Bikers RELOADED -FATPACK 1- -Smoke+Bronze-

Visit Redgrave to purchase the clothing.


If you want Aline for yourself, you can have it through my in-world store in Second Life or the online marketplace (to be able to see my listings, you need to enable adult content in the box on top of the page).

Remember, always try the demo version first!


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