Poppy – a New Fashion Doll Inspired Shape

Every now and then I need to break up the model of my work for the sake of variety. I wanted to design again a different shape compared to my usual creative pattern, to variegate the standard of realistic female shapes which have become my signature style.

So I made Poppy.

Poppy face

She is inspired by the anime girls’ look and the fashion dolls in the contemporary pop culture (think My Scene, Bratz and the like). She balances both innocence and sassiness, seductiveness and childish playfulness. Her features are:

  • dramatic slanting eyes
  • puffy pouty lips
  • doll face form
  • distinctive emotive face expression
  • sultry body

Poppy face close-up

The choice of her name is not random. Poppies are one of the prettiest flowers, fragile by touch and seductive by colour. Hence the name Poppy suits her ambivalent nature best.

Note that I had previously designed only two non-realistic shapes: Belle and Monique; Poppy becomes the third one.  All of them have the exaggerated face features which are common for the anime & dolly styles I was striving to replicate;  at the same time the three of them are very different looking. See for yourself.

Belle, Poppy and Monique

Get The Look:

Poppy shape makeups

The skin I chose for Poppy is Tess2 by LAQ/Laqroki.

Make-ups used for the screenshot from left to right:
LAQ ~ Tess2 – 02 [Nougat] Glow skin (smokey eyes & pale lips)
LAQ ~ Tess2 – 04 [Nougat] Glow skin (eyeliner & natural pink lips)
LAQ ~ Tess2 – 06 [Nougat] Glow skin (peach gloss lips)
LAQ ~ Tess2 – 09 [Nougat] Glow skin (bright purple eyes & rich pink lips)

Hair: Rayne Streaked – seaspray (streaks set to lightbrown) by Truth

Eyes: {DagMar} Eyes misty blue (they are included in the purchase).

Dress: minidress woman by DeetaleZ.

Poppy posing

Hint: The minidress is located in the discounted clothing section of the DeetaleZ store. There you can pamper yourself with a whole carefully styled outfit including accessories and shoes for less than 400L. And I am talking good quality fashion!


You want to have her? Welcome to my shop in Second Life or purchase her through the online marketplace (you have to enable adult content to be able to see the listing).
Either way, don’t forget to try the demo version first!


2 thoughts on “Poppy – a New Fashion Doll Inspired Shape

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