Trinity – the new Vampire Inspired Shape

I hadn’t released a new shape for a while.

Since I saw Trinity vampire skin by Redgrave for the first time, I knew I had to design a shape for it.  I was astonished by its subtle glow and possibility for achieving perfection. It took me almost half a year to create the “ultimate” shape for this skin. It was my perfectionism again, standing in the way and preventing me from delivering earlier.

Trinity vampire shape

  • I see Trinity as a sophisticated and stylish vampiress. She is known for her refined manners, pompadour coiffure and exquisite lifestyle. She is interested in high fashion and modern gothic culture.

While I was in the process of making it, I was thinking about things like elegance, sophistication, refinement and finesse. These ideals were guiding my aesthetic decisions while I was also choosing the hair, dress and overall style for Trinity’s presentation.

The choice of hair was easy. I wanted an up-do hairstyle, openly displaying the face, yet falling gracefully and framing softly its features. SHOP SEU’s pompadour hair is one of the tried and truly impressive hair-dos which make a strong statement. I use it for one of my all time best-selling shapes – Mona – and clients have shown lots of interest in this styling.

Trinity face close-up

  • Again, as in Mona’s face, I put the accent on her lips. It took a while to make them in such a way so that they could express my ideas of refinement and  delicacy. Actually, for me the lips are the hardest part to model of all the face features, have you experienced that?

It took some time to figure out how to dress her. I wanted to go beyond the traditional gothic and vampire styling, think of Morticia Addams and the like. I was striving for a more modern, refined and contemporary look. What about a vampiress who is interested in high fashion, for example? I was looking for a new gothic look à la Yves Saint Laurent.

I googled lots of phrases with no desired effect whatsoever. Somehow it occurred to me to type in “second life steampunk” and eventually I came across this blog post in Uma’s Style diary. It’s a shame the author is not blogging anymore, because this blog is an abundant source of styling inspiration. It turns out that LeLutka had exactly what I was looking for. In its store Ultra section one has a good choice of high fashion inspired attire.

Trinity looking over her shoulder

  • To obtain some artistic asymmetry in Trinity’s look, I added the fur/feather arm accessory that is part of the ALB AUDREY outfit by Analee Balut. I used only the left arm part of the fur, so that it completes well the pompadour hair falling on the right shoulder.

Trinity_board 1024

As usual, you can have Trinity through my Second Life in-world shop
or through my online marketplace store (in this case, you need to enable moderate content to see her).

Where can you find the dress, hair and fur accessory to get her look?

*SHOP SEU* –Pompadour hair [black]

[LeLutka.Ultra] – GUILE/black (this dress is in the Ultra section of LeLutka store. While you are there, take a look at all the other amazing high fashion inspired pieces of clothing).

Fur Shawl:
ALB Dream Fashion – AUDREY arm fur/feather L by AnaLee Balut (part of the ALB AUDREY skirt set + feather hair by Analee Balut)


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