Linnea Shape – The First DagMar Shape with 2 Face Options

Hey there gorgeous! It’s time again for a new release.

For this one I used the new Linnea skin by LAQ.

I wanted to create an innocent and sweet-looking, yet sensual and provoking type of girl. Her body is feminine and sultry (in the beginning I used to make more skinnier looks, but now I prefer more rounded ones). As for the face, I came up with two designs that I liked so much I couldn’t choose between.

So, I decided to include them both in the shapes pack. Each of them also comes with 8 body types, as usual.

Linnea shape two face options

  • Linnea f1 option (f1 stands for face 1) has voluptuous lips, wide childlike nose and beautifully curved eyes.
  • Linnea f2 option (f2 simply means face 2) features a thinner nose, more slanted eyes and changed lips form.

How come I ended with two faces this time?

I could say something about the shapes creating process. This one deserves a whole blog post, and even a long one.

But in a nutshell, this is how I do it.

I start with the skin I want to design a shape for, and with a shape I already have – the one I think fits the skin next to the best (for the moment).  I used to start from a Linden template before, but I find the new method more rewarding and producing far better results.

Then, having this basis to upgrade upon, I make slight or drastic changes in the form of the face, the eyes, the mouth etc. As soon as I reach some outcome that satisfies me, I save the new shape with the name of the skin it’s designed for (for example, Linnea shape).

Then I could say to myself, “Wait, what about fuller lips?” or “What about more slanted eyes?” Thus, I make the desired tweaks. This time I save the shape again, with a new name giving a hint about the change I’ve made – for example, “Linnea shape slanted eyes”.

This way I may save 5-6 shape options, sometimes even more. Then I give myself a day or at least a few hours before I have a fresh look at the shape and make a decision which of its variations with be the final (or the ultimate) one.

Usually I decide in favour of one of the shape options, but this time I simply couldn’t decide. I even asked a friend about her opinion, she said she loved them both. Then I said to myself, “Hey, why not give both face options to the customers this time?”

And I did it.

Linnea shape makeups

  • The first and the third models wear Linnea f2, and the second and the fourth models wear Linnea f1.

How can you get the look?

Linnea shape

What do you receive from me?

  • Shape: 2 faces with 8 body types each, which makes 16 shapes.
  • Eyebrows: 10 eyebrow options.
  • Eyes: The eyes in the picture are also included in the purchase.

What else do you need from other creators?

  • Skin: The models wear LAQ ~ Linnea [Nougat] Glow skin (10-pack).

I strongly advise you to buy this skin from LAQ’s skin shop, it’s pretty awesome. And has 10 make-ups!

  • Hair: ::DBS:: Maxie-Cafe (part of the ::DBS::Maxie-browns FatPack) -from Bishwear Hair.
  • Shirt: ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: Loose shirt white

Obviously Linnea is wearing her boyfriend’s shirt. I have a thing about women wearing male’s attire. Be sure to check Mr. Poet’s shop for very high quality male clothing. Why not have some for your girl? I was so deeply impressed by this apparel that I seriously consider starting to design male shapes too.

Furthermore, this loose shirt costs only 100 lindens, can you imagine! And it’s perfect for girls with smaller bust sizes. Otherwise the chest prim of the shirt is going to stay a bit open and you’ll need to resize it.

  • Denim Shorts: DE Rune -Roxy- Shorts (part of the DE Designs-Rune-Roxy outfit) – from DE Designs.

A nice word to say about this store is that they have a choice of steampunk and tomboy-ish style of apparel. Lots of outfits at a very reasonable price too.

  • Golden Chain Belt: Circle-Belt -Gold- *REDGRAVE* (part of the [*RG*] Mini-Skirt Leather -Black-)
  • Boots: [*RG*] Girls’ Bikers RELOADED -FATPACK 1- (shown in -Smoke+Bronze-)

both from Redgrave.

Welcome to my shop in Second Life to try the demo of Linnea shape!

Or, if you prefer, you can have her through my online shop on the marketplace (you need to enable moderate content so that you could see the listing).

Enjoy your second life and happy shopping!


3 thoughts on “Linnea Shape – The First DagMar Shape with 2 Face Options

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