Olivia – Yet Another DagMar Shape with 2 faces, for Olivia skin by LAQ

Hey there whoever reads this post anyway!

I made it again – I created a shape with 2 face options. I was smitten with the need to make a choice and I couldn’t. So, I added both of the faces in the shape pack. This – adding 2 face options – might be the tendency for my future shape releases. (In case you don’t know, the first shape with 2 face options that I released was Linnea.)

Overall, Olivia is an innocent and sweet looking type of a girl, with childlike appearance. Still, her pouty face suggests she is not naïve and there is something dramatically provoking in her character.

I created her ultimate body slim and tender to match her face features. But in case you prefer more curvaceous and feminine type of bodies, or the ultra high look, she comes again in 8 body types for each face option.

So, it’s 2 faces X 8 body types each.

The common between the 2 faces: narrow slanted eyes, pouty voluptuous lips and salient cheekbones.

The difference:

Olivia face 1 vs face 2 by DagMar Shapes

Olivia f1 option (f1 stands for face 1) has a wider chin, thinner upturned nose and lower cheekbones. Olivia f1 has a more feminine look.
Olivia f2 option (f2 means face 2) has a thinner chin, slightly wider and downturned nose, more curved eyes, higher cheekbones and narrower lips with more pronounced cleft.
Olivia f2 is the one with the definitive childlike look.

How can you get the look?

Olivia shape by DagMar Shapes

What do you receive from me?

  • Shape: 2 faces with 8 body types each, which makes 16 shapes.
  • Eyebrows: 10 eyebrow options.
  • Eyes: The eyes in the picture are also included in the purchase.

What else do you need from other creators?

    • Skins: The models wear LAQ ~ Olivia 5-pack [Nougat].The make-ups used for the screenshots are as follows (from left to right in the picture):

Olivia shape with different makeups by DagMar Shapes

light rose lips make-up: LAQ ~ Olivia [Nougat] 01 (shown on Olivia f2)
pale gloss lips make-up: LAQ ~ Olivia [Nougat] 03 (shown on Olivia f1)
darker lipstick make-up: LAQ ~ Olivia [Nougat] 04 (shown on Olivia f2)
nude lips make-up: LAQ ~ Olivia [Nougat] 02 (shown on Olivia f1)

  • Hair:
    >TRUTH<  – Imogen – walnut (part of the >TRUTH< Imogen – light browns pack)
  • Shirt:
    ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: – Loose shirt white
  • Tights:
    DeeTaleZ – net tights rose white black belt
  • Boots:
    ::Duh!:: – Silk Floral Booties – Silver

Want to have her, don’t you? I bet you want!
You can buy her from my in-world shop, or through the online marketplace (you have to enable moderate content to be allowed to see the listing).

Happy Second lives, you all! See you in-world!


3 thoughts on “Olivia – Yet Another DagMar Shape with 2 faces, for Olivia skin by LAQ

  1. The most perfect shape to go with LAQ’s Olivia: I cannot say enough about the way this shape makes my avi come to life. I will never wear a shape from anyone else. Dagmar has spoiled me, nothing else compares. I have used her shapes with my last 4 skins, and honestly, if you want the best you’ll find it here.
    Misty Tiratzo

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