I’m giving away…

…two of my shapes for free!

They are not some freebie ones. I used to sell them at the usual price of 500 lindens but now they are absolutely free.

Aluciana vs Nymph by DagMar Shapes

Aluciana is the first shape I ever created and started selling in Second Life. She was my favourite for a long time.

She has a voluptuous body structure and very strong face lineaments that make her stand out.


  • 8 different body types;
  • 10 eyebrow styles;
  • stylecard

Nymph is also one of my first shapes. I designed her for the best skin I knew then, Ashley by Redgrave.


  • 10 different body types;
  • 10 eyebrows;
  • stylecard

Picture Credits:

Shape: {DagMar} *Aluciana* Ultimate Body
Skin: Redgrave – 10 Tan Skin -Sakura- / *brown
Hair: Diversity Hair – Tryst II Naturals – Cherry

Shape: Nymph Ultimate Body
Skin: Redgrave –  Ashley Tan Skin / *brown
Hair: Diversity Hair – Brat (Ash Blonde)
Eyes: [IC-eyes] – Soulful Bright by IC-skins

(Somehow I’m not able to find Diversity Hair in-world anymore, which is very unfortunate as it was one of my favourite hair stores; if anyone has any information about this vendor I’ll be thankful.)

I especially want to thank all of you who have bought Aluciana & Nymph through the years, and who have shown their love and admiration to these two ladies.

How can you get them now?

  • Go to my in-world store.
  • There are two lucky letter boards on a wall – one for Aluciana and another for Nymph; simply wait for your letter to come out. (Letters change every 10 minutes.)

And that’s it! Now you are the happy owner of a DagMar shape for free!

See you in-world,


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