Bridgette – a 1960s inspired shape with 2 faces

Bridgette face 1 vs face 2 close-up

Hello to you,  my beautiful readers!

I’ve just created yet another shape that comes in 2 face options, 8 body type each, as always. This is my third shape with 2 faces – the others are Linnea and Olivia.

She was inspired by the elegance and royalty of the 1960s retro beauties. I called her Bridgette – as a tribute to the famous French actress and model Brigitte Bardot.


  • feminine and sultry body, with a thin waist and wider hips.
  • slender and toned legs
  • breasts with a natural form.

This time, the 2 faces are completely different from each other.

Bridgette face 1 vs face 2

Both faces feature:

  • beautifully slanted eyes
  • voluptuous lips
  • thin elegant nose.


  • Bridgette f1 option (face 1) has a wider square-ish face form with a lower jaw-line and wider eyes. She has a more refined, model-type look.
  • Bridgette f2 option (face 2) features a narrower heart-shaped face structure, an upturned nose, narrower eyes and fuller lips. She has an overall sweeter baby-face look.

I used one of my favourite skins of all time to design Bridgette – Tess by LAQ. In case you’ve missed it, I have yet another shape for this skin – Poppy, which is an anime doll type.

Bridgette shape

Picture Credits:

Skin: LAQ ~ Tess2 – 02 [Nougat] Glow skin.
I chose exactly this makeup option to showcase the shapes, as it channels the aesthetics of the 1960s with its nude lips + smokey eyes with black eyeliner.

Hair: [LeLutka] – BRIGITTE hair – BlondeFun (it’s a part of the Dark Blondes pack)
You see, the choice of the hairstyle is not random either – I chose exactly this Brigitte Bardot inspired big hairstyle, to complete the look of Bridgette shape.

Hair Bow: ~Pepper~  Big Bow Band (it’s a part of the Big Bow Set)

Eyes: {DagMar} – Eyes misty blue – they are included in the purchase

Dress:  Mimikri – Valeska Lace Dress tamarillo

Cardigan: (TokiDoki) – Bellybutton Cardigan (camel)

Stockings: *League* – Side-Gartered Stockings -Floral

Boots: ANEXX – VolumeSocksAnkleBootee_Brown


How can you make her your own? (I know you can’t wait to do it now!)

As usual, you can buy Bridgette shape from:

DagMar Shapes shop in Second Life,
or if you prefer to shop online, DagMar Shapes shop on the online marketplace (have in mind that this shape is rated moderate so you have to change your settings accordingly).

Happy weekend to you all, and stay beautiful!



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