DagMar Shapes Kawaii Shape – Bomi Cute & Lovely Shape for Bomi by Mother Goose’s

I am totally in love with Mother Goose’s skins! They are pure eye-candy.
Their faces are doll-like, pixie-like, girlish, sweet, childlike and innocent looking. Yet their body shading is sensuos, feminine and alluring.

Bomi closeup closed lips
(Bomi close-up with rosy pink closed lips.)

Provoked by their contrasty image, I designed my first shape based on a MG skin. It combines my signature feminine aesthetics well-known to my customers with the kawaii sweetness and stylized delicacy inspired by the pop anime culture and the BJD community out there.

Bomi closeup open lips
(Bomi close-up with cherry red open lips.)

Bomi depicts the aesthetics of the eternal youth with her sensual innocence and charming femininity. She has a doll-like look and captivating pixie charm concealing her inner strength and self-confidence.

Bomi shape

Promo Picture Credits:

Skin:  .::Mother Goose’s::. – Bomi skin set
closed lips: .::Mother Goose’s::. – Bomi (A)2
open lips: .::Mother Goose’s::. – Bomi (B)1 teeth

{DagMar} eyebrow shape 4 (included with the purchase)

{DagMar} Eyes misty blue (included with the purchase)

>TRUTH<  – Cheyenne w/Roots – walnut (part of the light browns pack)

{mon tissu} – Floral Lingerie – Brown

ANEXX – VolumeSocksAnkleBootee_Brown (the version without socks)

Bomi shape project runaway
(Bomi’s ultimate body is slim and tender, hinting at a young girl.)

Want to have her for yourself?

Welcome to DagMar shapes shop inworld!

Or, if you prefer, you can purchase her online through the SL marketplace.

Update: You may also love Sasha – my second shape based on a MG shape!


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