Alva – Eternal Youth Shape for Alva Skin by LAQ

Happy Wednesday, gorgeous readers!

This girl took longer than expected to create. Since I saw LAQ’s Alva skin, I had the idea to design a shape emanating gentleness with a soft, youthful appearance. She had to be both realistic and idealized, suggesting the nostalgic sense of the eternal youth.

Let me present you Alva!

Alva shape closeup blond buns

She is a delicate and tender type of beauty – a fresh and refined young girl, featuring a graceful feminine body and exquisite face features.

Alva shape promo

Promo Picture Credits:

{DagMar} *Alva* Ultimate Body

natural makeup: LAQ ~ Alva – [Nougat] – 01
nude lipstick makeup: LAQ ~ Alva – [Nougat] – 02

blond buns hairstyle: (Chemistry) hair – Buttons – Blonds – Sand
long braid hairstyle: >TRUTH< – Cheyenne w/Roots – honey

{DagMar} Eyes misty blue (included with the purchase)

DagMar eyebrow shape 1 (included with the purchase)

*REDGRAVE* – Lingerie Set PARIS – Magenta


As always, you can get her both in-world in my SL shop,
and on the online marketplace.

I wish you a Happy Second life!
Love, Dagmar


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