DagMar Shapes are realistic and model type female shapes with carefully proportioned bodies and distinctive face features.

What makes DagMar Shapes different?

When you purchase one of my shapes, you actually receive a whole bundle, consisting of one face combined with 8 to 13 body variations.
~ One of these is a unique body, which is called “ultimate”.
~ Plus, there are 7 to 12 premade body types which form the basis of each shape pack.
Some of these are slim and lean body types, others are curvaceous and booty yet slender, or athletic and sexy.

The premade body types are:

Petite Body – a sweet and small build of a body

Girl Next Door Body – inspired by the natural look of your next door neighbour, this body features a smaller bust, a wider hips and true-to-life legs length

Pin Up Body – the tiny waist and wider hips of the 50s women inspired body

Sexy Body – slender, feminine and athletic

Hot Curves Body – tasteful curves in all the right places

Top Model Body – inspired by the runaway fashion models, with their long legs and slightly skinnier body build

Ultra High Amazonian Body – very tall, very strong, inspired by the power women in comic books

Some of the shape packages also include a couple of  very skinny and extra curvaceous types of bodies.

Why so many body types?

The real beauty has many faces, it is not limited to a single shape. It could be expressed through a variety of body types, heights, busts sizes and overall body structures.Also, as anyone’s taste is individual, I’d like to provide a range of choices to my customers.
I strongly believe in expressing one’s personality and uniqueness through their avatar’s appearance. That’s why DagMar shapes are MODIFIABLE and they give a possibility for customizing an individual and distinctive look.

IMPORTANT!!Before modifying a shape, ALWAYS copy the original and don’t forget to give the modified variation a new name (ex. MY MOD DagMar Shapes Lucretia).


What Do You Think?

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