I purchased a shape from your shop but I didn’t receive it.

Send a notecard or IM me in-world including your transaction history info and I will be glad to resend your purchase to you.

Transaction history info:
Log in your secondlife.com profile.
Now, look at the upper part of the left navigation bar, there is the Account drop-down menu.  Maximize it.
Click on Transaction History. Then find and copy the information about your purchase (including date and time, your avatar’s name and the name of the shape you bought). You may need to go back a day or two, depending on when you made the purchase.
Paste this info in the notecard or the IM you are sending me.

Do you give refunds?

I issue refunds in case of double purchase of the same item. Please contact me in-world (send a notecard or IM me) and I will refund you.

I am not able to refund you in any other case because the shapes are not transferable.

Remember: Always try the demo version of a shape before purchase!

I tried the demo of the shape I like but it doesn’t match my skin very well…

1) Try the demo of a different shape. If your skin is very different from the one the shape was initially created for, you can never predict the final result without testing.

2) Contact me (notecard or IM) and tell me the name of the skin you are wearing.
I will offer you the demos of DagMar Shapes that suit best your particular skin.

I have a skin I’m wearing for ages and it’s my favourite one, I don’t want to change it. But as I see you haven’t designed a special shape to go with it. How do I know which of your shapes is suitable for my skin?

Contact me (notecard or IM) with the name of the skin you want a shape for.
I will send you the demos of the best fitting DagMar shapes for your preferred skin.

I already bought one of your shapes but unfortunately it doesn’t suit my current skin very well…

Contact me (notecard or IM) and explain which shape you bought and which skin you wear.
I will modify the shape to suit your skin and send it to you (subtle corrections are made at no additional cost for you. If you want a complete makeover of the original shape, that qualifies as a custom work.)

Do you create custom shapes?

Due to real life time constraints I can take very few and selected custom orders.

Custom shapes are pricey. They come with a garantee that I’m not going to sell your shape to anybody else, ever. Depending on the complexity of the order and the time required to complete, the starting price is 1000 lindens and may go up to 3000-4000. A deposit of at least 30% of the final price is a must.
If you have a limited budget, it will force me to rush your order and not provide the highest quality look.

If you want me to create a custom shape for you, send a notecard with a detailed description of the shape you wish, preferably including pictures or links to images on the web. I will send you back an estimate with the time required to complete the project and the price.

I can not afford a custom shape. But I still want to have a unique look, not a cookie-cutter one.

If you’d like your shape to be unique, a shape that nobody else in SL has, you can take advantage of the fact that DagMar Shapes are modifiable.
First, take a copy of the shape you want to modify and change its name so that you could tell it apart from the original (for example, Linnea Ultimate Body My Mod).
Then, tweak it here and there to your liking. Even a subtle change will make your shape different and yours only.

Hey, I tried your demos but they have HUGE hands and feet… What’s the matter with them?

Yes, the demo versions do have huge hands and feet and it’s intentional. The reason to make this is to prevent people from wearing the demos instead of buying the real shape.

I tried the landmarks to the shops you give in your style cards but they send me to nowhere… I can’t find the shops.

Unfortunately, sometimes vendors in Second life change their shops locations. Whenever I find a landmark is not current anymore, I change it. It’s not possible to always know about all and every change though.

If the landmark to a shop doesn’t teleport you to the right location anymore, you’d better use the Search bar in-world. Tape the name of the shop there and if it is not closed or the vendor has not retired, you should easily find the new landmark.

If you have another question I haven’t answered here, simply fill in the contact form below and I will do my best to refer your concern.



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